Justin’s Story

On Sunday, June 28, 2015, Justin Kline was flown by Life Flight to Geisinger Medical Center after progressively feeling worse over a few week period, trying different antibiotics and medications with no results. The following morning, the Geisinger medical staff informed Justin and his parents, Rod and Sally, that Justin’s spleen had ruptured due to an extremely high level of leukocytes most likely caused by Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL). An immediate procedure was done to repair Justin’s spleen and efforts began to regain stability. The procedure went well and Justin was stabilized within a day. That following Tuesday, doctors confirmed that Justin is suffering from ALL. His first chemotherapy treatment was administered that same night.

Since June 28, 2015, Justin has undergone endless chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He spent several months in the care of Geisinger Medical Center Danville, before transferring to Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia.
As anticipated, Justin has had some setbacks, but they have certainly not outweighed his tremendous progress!
On Thursday, April 14, 2016, Justin received his bone marrow transplant from his mother, Sally. His progress has been amazing! As expected, Justin has suffered immense physical strain, including but not limited to extreme weight loss, temporary paralysis of his face and extremities, and debilitating fatigue. He has had the opportunity to come home at random times, and in the natural character of Justin, has insisted on being in the dugout of the Central Mountain Junior Varsity Baseball Team where he still serves as an active assistant coach!
Through hope and prayer, the bone marrow transplant should be the “final chapter” of Justin’s recovery. That being said, this is a procedure that opens the door for many additional complications and certainly demands constant medical attention as Justin’s body receives the new bone marrow. At best, Justin will be hospitalized for at least another 6 weeks at Thomas Jefferson Hosptial.
Justin’s devoted parents, Rod and Sally, have committed to being with Justin throughout. This has and will continue to require an amazing amount of financial obligation in many regards. Justin’s mother, Sally, has made the sacrifice of giving up her job to be by Justin’s side. Justin’s father is retired and has also fully committed to being in this battle until “victory” has been achieved! They have spent more nights out of their home in Beech Creek than in it over the past several months. They have been forced to rent an apartment in Philadelphia while Justin remains at Thomas Jefferson Hospital. They still drive home frequently to take care of the necessary tasks at home before returning to Justin’s side.
As we all must expect, this has put Justin and his family under incredible financial and emotional strain. And this doesn’t even include the medical expenses that compound daily.
Justin has spent the last decade of his life dedicated to volunteer work. He has played an integral role in the recent success of Keystone Little League as well as served as a volunteer coach for the Central Mountain High School Baseball Team and Legion Baseball Team. Many of you also know Justin as “Mayor” as he has served in that capacity for the borough of Beech Creek for the last few years. Justin also recently joined the Grange Fair Board; again in a volunteer role.
There has been amazing support to date from our local community and the gratitude that Justin, Rod and Sally have for this is unimaginable. That being said, our help is needed today as much as it has ever been!

On April, 27th, a gentleman by the name of Frank Watson of Canton, Pa will be beginning a journey on his bicycle from the coast of California to Central Park, New York. When Frank heard the story of Justin through local native, Bill Holland, III, he immediately decided to dedicate his journey to Justin’s recovery. As Frank rides across America, he will be campaigning for Justin. Frank will be posting a daily journal as he rides at http://www.frankscoasttocoastrideforjustin.com. If a man who has never met Justin can dedicate riding his bicycle over 3000 miles in 5 weeks, I hope we can all find it in us to contribute a little as well.

It is now OUR time to give back to Justin and his family! Justin’s success in this battle is in the hands of the medical staff he has been assigned. It’s important that he feels the support of the community he has so humbly served for several years. Please find it in you to donate whatever you possibly can to assist in this battle. More so, please keep Justin and his family in your thoughts and prayers…it’s certainly necessary!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support! I will continue to keep everyone posted as Justin continues down his road to recovery.
Thank you,

Justin’s Friend, Zach

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